Winstrol (MAX PRO)


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active time ~ 5.5 days (elimination half-life: 1 day) Androgenic / anabolic effects Weak strong flavoring no education Body building, physical fitness Average dosage 300 – 400mg/week brand name Anaysynth, menabol, stromba, strombaject, tevabolin, winstrol, winstrol depot, and winstrol-v post cycle therapy Anastrozole (arimidex), clomifene citrate, mesterolone, tamoxifen citrate (nolvadex) credentials Laboratory test, top quality over a certain period of time 6-8 weeks how to use Always use stanozolol in stack with testosterone active ingredient Stanozolol color of the box Blue White positive effects Improve endurance, increase performance, muscle hardness, increase strength, improve athletic performance water retention no type of medicine Injectable, synthetic androgenic and anabolic Store the medication with te Cool dry place, do not freeze, protect from light Who should use it? Baseball, bodybuilding athletes, boxing, weightlifting, cycling, athletes


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